Monday, April 20, 2015

The "Assinanations" Among Us

I am simply astounded by the sublime irony of the ordinary illegal alien-immigrant, who comes to the United States in order to escape the squalid, poor conditions back in their former land, only to get here, settle in, and continue to practice the political backwardness of their pasts.

To describe these people, who want it all instantly, from their new Uncle Sam, yet still remain devoted and  loyal to their old country, I have coined for myself a new word to describe the above:  

Millions of illegal assinanations call some place within America home now.  Yet, they also fondly recall the political graft and the old ways by which their former countries hardly functioned at all,
instead of really grasping the true Ideal of Americanism, the American dream of real Liberty, freedom from governmental oversight and control, regulation and constricture.

Assinanations chose to flee from oppressive, overbearing, irresponsible governments.
Why The Hell would they then choose to elect, or re-elect someone as repugnant as those from whom they all have fled?

Illegal assinanations want America to be like their Mexico, their Honduras, their Haiti, their El Salvador (lol), in part, for their language and their familiarity with tradition.
And the Democratic Party in America recognizes that trait in them, 
and flaunts it, encouraging division in any/every way possible.

To the point that the party members, candidates, and elected pols stress 'dependence upon us, just like you were back then, but you're in a different place, so it will be different.  Ole~!' message to the assinanations.

For these bottom - feeding, American politicians, their word is assassination.  

Perhaps our new neighbors, the assinanations who have come here illegally, could become interested in another word, of which they have heard before:  Revolution

And why the hell don't Democratic politicians similarly honor, suck up to, the original inhabitants of this wild, wide land,  
We Indians, as much, as valuable, as honorably as they do these foreigners?

Seems that Communist equals Democrat to me~

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