Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Abouna's Blog Relevance Reduced
to Dog Cartoons

The once, highly regarded indi-conservative blogger, the Reverend Gregori, from upstate New York has sadly passed into blogger insignificance, as has your beloved Local Malcontent.

First Reverend, then Bishop, Gregori of the North American Orthodox Church once was a prolific conservative blogger, even a very close friend to yours-truly; but over the years, "Abouna" has complained of Internet hackers affecting his previous four to five bloggies, which have resulted in a suspicion that Abouna is another Victim of the International Cabal Dead Set Against Traditional Values (the ICDSATV)--

All the while, I've maintained the same Blogger website 8 years, whilst openly inviting any angry hackers/jihadis to try !  and destroy me and us, 

by boldly providing my home location and job(s) herein.

And Still Do So, you Cowards, Pieces of Dog Shit

While remembering my genuine friendship with Bishop Gregori, "Abouna",
I have to say that in the past year or so, his thinking/blogging process has become faulted:
Whereas, once he composed in writing his concise thoughts upon American government and her leadership, his blogs now are chiefly videos, all of which are time consuming rants punctuated with pregnant pauses of over 5 seconds, all the while helicopters whiz past the back of his head in computer animation. 

That is distraction enough; however, his videos have become his blog's downfall, since they are 2 minutes of truth, and 16 minutes of wasted time. 

I used to visit his site daily; now, it's maybe, , , monthly, given that I have to devote a half-hour watching all his added silly graphics, beforehand, during and afterwards.  And none-of-which add to his important message, one whit.

He once had a weekly "Munchkin" moment, which was extremely funny & widely re-blogged. Now though, he tries for the same effect with his pet "Tinkerbell" which hasn't 1/100th the same dogsonality as her predecessor.  Or, maybe it's 1/100th the effort on Abouna's part~
For proof, this, lovingly lifted from DailyMotion/video/ABOUNA: 

Tinkerbell first met Midnight four years ago and it was love at first sight. Midnight used to sit at his patio door every morning, watching for Tinkerbell and I to come by. Tinkerbell would run as fast as she could up to the door and Midnight would run to get his humans to open the door and let him out. Once he was out, he and Tinkerbell would run and chase each other, jump and play for an hour every morning. Midnight moved with his humans to Florida two days ago and that was their last play date together.

#2-THE LONG GOOD-BYE by abouna1

How Predictive that Title.... "The long good-bye"
The Super Nova- Flame-Out End of another Giant blogger~

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