Wednesday, May 27, 2015

But That Was Yesterday, And Yesterday's Washed Away

I found an amazing article, posted on May 1, 2015 on mesonet(dot)org, an Oklahoma-based meteorologist/farmer website, renouned for its' up-to-the-minute data.

Remember, this was posted on Friday, May 1:  Only days before record flooding in south-central Oklahoma and here in the southeast part of the state.  While the article talks about the wheat belt over in gorgeous, yet quintessential western/northern Oklahoma, the fact remains that 
Obviously, our drought conditions are over, thanks to our loving Heavenly Father God.

April Rains Hammer Oklahoma Drought

Mired in significant drought for much of the last five years, western Oklahomans have been in desperate need of moisture. Mother Nature finally granted that wish and provided abundant rainfall during April. Much of Oklahoma saw at least 4-6 inches of rain during the month.

According to preliminary data from the Oklahoma Mesonet, the statewide average rain total was 4.8 inches, 1.6 inches above normal and the 17th wettest April since records began in 1895. West central Oklahoma enjoyed its second wettest April on record with an average total of 7.6 inches, 5.2 inches above normal. Only the northeast saw a deficit at 0.5 inches below normal. 

The Oklahoma Mesonet site at Cheyenne recorded a whopping 13.2 inches of rain for the month, their wettest April on record and their second wettest month ever. Kenton recorded 1.1 inches for the month's lowest total. The year-to-date statewide average of 9.4 inches is now near normal with a deficit of 0.3 inches for the January-April period. 
The northeast's year-to-date deficit rose to nearly 4 inches while west central Oklahoma had a surplus of 3.3 inches.

I cannot wait for a summary to be posted on June 1, for the precipitation during this soaking wet month of May~!  Unbelievable report... average rainfall for every part of the Sooner state was 14.45".

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