Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I Love Happy Endings~!

The best story on Drudge's Report today is that of Pippa the cat, who was sealed up in a box for over a month-and-a-half, 49 days to be exact, and both survived and was returned to her owner.

One life down, Eight to Go, Pippa....  Word to the wise.

Lovingly lifted from the Channel 9 News, Brisbane, AU:
A cat [which] went missing in Darwin, Northern Territory for seven weeks has been discovered trapped—but still very much alive—in a shipping container in Brisbane, Queensland.

“I got call from my former neighbour, ‘Hi, this is Jason, we’ve found your cat in our container,’”the cat’s owner Rebecca Schilling said.

The shipping container had been used to transport the belongings of Ms Schilling’s former neighbour Jason King interstate.  The container was sealed on February 20, 2015, transported via the VLine transport services and reopened on April 10.
“I was surprised to find it alive… It was really light and bony. You could see its skeleton and its spine.”
After being transported overland in a container across Australia’s dry interior with neither food or water for 49 days, three-year-old moggy Pippa was suffering from dehydration and severe weight loss.

“It turns out that she crawled into the container while it was sitting open in the cul-de-sac where we live, found a good spot and decided to have a good snooze,” owner Ms Schilling said.

And 'moggy' Pippa then endured a long nightmare, but she woke up from it, alive.

Actress Mollie Sugden, a.k.a. 

Mrs. Slocombe, Grace Brothers' Ladies Wear manager, and worldwide-renowned pussy[cat] lover, was reported to be absolutely delighted by the news of Pippa's rescue.

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