Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mr. Yellow Pants

~ Such A Lame Idea for Indian Porn

I'm not sure about adding this video to the vast, Conservative collection of videos on my bloggie, but it sure made me laugh out loud.  Sexual attraction exists, there is no doubt.

It is not unsafe for work or Christian viewing, really, but it gets close....  And therein lies the delicate humor herein, I guess.

The humor should not be directed against the morals or the culture of the Indian sub-continenent, or towards Hinduism, BY NO MEANS-- because this can happen to any man, anywhere, any time:

To me, this is funny.  For the dude in the video, probably not.
... kinda because of what he fantisizes about~

I do not pretend to even begin to understand Indian, Hindu culture; maybe this kind of fantasy is more than normal, even way-over-the-top.  Here's to experimentation though, guys!

Hot Indian Housewife Illegal Romance with Husband's Friend

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