Saturday, May 30, 2015

Never Seen Mayweather Like That~

Welter-weight boxer Floyd Mayweather made a big splash earlier this month with his well publicized Championship fight with Manny Paquiao.  

That "fight" went the full 12 rounds, with very little storminess, and very few thunderous impacts between any fist and either face.  In the end, Mr. Mayweather won a unanimous decision over his opponent.

Nevertheless, the word of the month is "Mayweather", without any doubt or hesitation.

Unlike Floyd's fight,
most of us Okies and them Texans have never seen Mayweather like we saw this month:  It was the wettest month of May on record here in southeast Oklahoma, going back 95+ years- Clayton, Oklahoma, to our immediate south, recorded 22.8 inches rain while Talihina, to our east, recorded 22.5 inches of liquid gold.
Plus 5 tornadoes which damaged our area.

And while those totals average to a less-than-an-inch per day, remember that all 23.3 inches (here at our place in Yanush) fell mostly on only 13 days- including yesterday's 0.75".

That brings me, and us now to the next month, and the dreaded dry spell, replete with 140% humidity (the air you can wear), and the resumption of lawn mowing.  That will be a necessary chore so that we can just find our house amid the undergrowth; probably more often than once a week, given the moisture of May and the warmth of June.

And speaking of June's warmth, and lawn mowing, 
~another word of the month presents itself in my mind:  
June Cleaver.

Thank God I bought an Azusa Mongoose Lawn Comb

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