Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Not 100% Safe

In last night's latest, tornadic, super cell thunderstorm episode, the 204th of the month so far, a  woman who lived on the southwest side of Poteau, the county seat of Le Flore County, lives to tell the tale of getting trapped in her storm cellar by a fallen tree:

The precipitation totals are now in the ridiculous stage:  Over 25 inches of rain here in Yanush, and by far, our area is not witness to the most of the deluge in Oklahoma or in Texas.

My college landlady in Norman, Oma J., from whom I rented an apartment made famous elsewhere on this Internet because of its ghosts, told me the Norman area has had more than 27-1/2 inches of rain this May, 2015.

And from a former BIA associate, Alan W., still friends in North Texas, he's saying that Fort Worth to Grapevine to Denton, the area has received 16 inches of rain this month alone.  That should do some real good for the Edwards Aquifer levels, the water source for much of mid to south central Texas. 

Don't get me wrong-- Leticia and I are flooded here in Yanush too:  Sardis' shoreline crept up and met our home's foundation yesterday early morning, and expectations are another 9-12" rise in lake levels, before it subsides~  

Sardis Lake Level 

Pool elevation 610.65 feet, Tuesday 26 May 15, 0800 hours.
At this elevation the total amount of water stored in Sardis Lake is 492168 acre-feet.
Reservoir release is 4037 cubic feet per second on Tuesday 26 May 15 Time: 0900 hours.

Flood control pool is 153.04% full.

However you should never complain about a good thing like this, saying something stupid and trite, like "Too Much of A Good Thing".  I cannot imagine a drought-climate like California is presently suffering from, or extreme, long-term rain deprivation like a desert.

Water Is Life, and while we have more than we can use in this lifetime-at-this-moment,and nowhere to save it for later, I look at the next round of fat, grey-blue clouds off to the southwest, and think a thankful prayer to God for His Love.

Deal With It~! Like that Poteau woman did~!

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