Monday, May 18, 2015

"Tainted, and Now Exposed" ABC-News

Those are the last words of a truly honest expose' on the disturbing relationship between a so-called 'broadcast news lead Anchorman', George Stephanopoulos, & Bill and Shrillary Clinton's drive for personal glory.

The revelation that George Stephanopoulos donated $75,000 over the past three years to the Bill and Hillary and Chelsey Clinton Global Foundation is not surprising to me at all; Mr. Stephanopoulos' continued employment by a licensed broadcast news agency IS surprising.

I have long hated ABC News-- both TV and radio.  ABC is the most egregious of the three FREE broadcast networks, of biased news.  "if it's not positive news for Democrats, then it's not news", seems to be their most instinctive format.

That, and their noxious inclusions of ABC-TV entertainment programs, within the news, "AS news", such as stories about "Dancing With The Stars", or "Good Morning America" or "The View".

There is not one ABC news reader whom I don't find repulsive to listen to or watch~!  Likewise, we have not watched any ABC-TV show, well before I married my wife in 2008.  It is all trash, it is all garbage, and why the hell would I accept to be fed garbage by the American Broadcast Company, whose head corporation is Mickey Mouse?

And speaking of mice there, let me return to the case of George Stephanopoulos (I have to have his name somewhere printed, to look at as I type this~, it is so complicated):

This midget convinced ABC News that he could be an independent news anchor--
That in, of itself, suggests that ABC News was unstable and faltering in 1999-2000.

Nevertheless, in order to compete with CBS' Dan Rather's falsified news story regarding George W. Bush's National Guard years, which brought down Rather from his anchor perch, ABC-News hired a known Clinton-leg-humper named Stephanopoulos, straight from the stained-dress-Clinton White House, as a Clean, Unbiased Journalist.

What ABC-News was doing then, is the same thing as little George Stephanopoulos was exposed as doing himself over the past 8 years:  Seeking access to Democratic power bases, and in both cases, the Hillary and Bill and (butt-ugly) Chelsea Clinton power base, with money.

It's always the money funneled into their personal, Democratic pockets, these foul and corrupt Democratic elites~   And I would not be surprised, if ABC-News and Mickey himself, provided the $75,000 from Corporate funds, for little George to donate to the Clinton Slush Fund Charity.

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