Wednesday, May 20, 2015

This Week's All-Nighter Cloudburst

Nobody slept a wink last night here in Yanush, thanks to the latest, perpetual 13-hour thunderstorm.

We endured a heavy, driving rain, whipped frequently by 60 mph winds, spectacular lightning and the thunder ~ the thunder rattled this old lake house's rafters and foundation
all night long.  

It was like the storm parked itself over our house and Lake Sardis for the night and just rumbled on.

click to embiggen map

I've been keeping track of the rainfall at our house here, just north of Sardis this month, and with the 5.4 inches of rain since yesterday evening, May has registered 15.3 inches of rain- 
And it is still, only May 20th.  

The lake level which I'd reported on here, a week ago had receded some before last night's cloudburst; The debris in our backyard from the lake's high level and then again of it's 'most stable level' for the past three days, look like thick, parallel, concentric arcs of branches and grass and dead leaves back there.  Last night's additional rainfall hasn't stopped rising.  Yet.

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