Monday, May 11, 2015

We're Beige & We're Waterlogged

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Man, I've seen some rainfall during my 46 springs, but nothing like this last week's rainstorms. 

I remember posting about 29 straight days when we got a little rain each day, about 7 years ago, and that duration was something awesome and memorable-- but the daily, torrential rainstorms of this past week leave me, leave us shaking our heads-

Our little rain guage out by the garage has a 12-inch limit: It was full and overflowing at 
12 inches yesterday morning, May 10, Mother's Day.  Then we got MORE rain,
starting around 9:00 yesterday morning, and lasting throughout the rest of the afternoon.

Then a brief 1-hour respite~!

Then the water fell steady to hard, again from 6:00 last night until well after midnight again.  

My guess is that here in Yanush, at our home just northwest of Tuskahoma, and (FORMERLY) just north of Lake Sardis, now smackdab in the middle of Lake Sardis,
we got 14+ inches of rain in the past 7 days.

I'm not working today, as a result of the Flooding in the area.  Leticia can't drive her truck, because it's engine/computer is screwed up, the security feature won't allow her truck to start, because it's waterlogged.

Her fishpond is under water, the lake's shore is now about 30 feet from our home.

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