Saturday, June 11, 2011

a little blast from the future

For the second time in my career as a Casino Auditor for the State of Oklahoma, I've beaten the heavy, odds-on favorite in this game, the Indian Gaming Commission. 

I've buried this blogpost deep within my blog's past, so that only those who really, really, really 
are interested in following what I'm saying, can find it....  unlike the aforesaid agency.

In 2012, I was the reporting agent against the Creek Nation Casino fraud case in Muskogee, against both that tribe, and against the Gaming Commission.   I was a prosecution witness for the state of Oklahoma, against the Creek Tribe.  

"we won". 

Again, the next year, 2013, I was the single, state witness against the Choctaw Tribe's Durant Casino case, wherein allegations of funds (profits) displacement were alleged.  

"we won".

Now, in the future where I live, in 2015, I am up for a big, big promotion, including a 36% salary increase....  A total which would put Leti and me over the 100 large/year hurdle.

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