Monday, June 1, 2015

Only in the name of Satan, the god of Islam.

Isn't it, wouldn't it be, un-Islamic to use any kind of bomb not in use, during the 7th century?  

Isn't that itself, un-Islamic?  


Not that that matters, these Islamic, cave-men make up the rules as they go along, 

The worship of the Arab-idolater's Moon Fairy, Allah the dancing goat, is all that Muzzies have in their stock and trade these days:  a half-baked belief system which endorses that every Arab Muslim stays as stupid as they were 1,500 years ago.


And more than half of their "religion" is based upon Jewish Tradition, with some Christian characters mixed in for giggles, like 'Jesus'.  

What is saddest, is their belief, that in one instance, through the Quoran, they can know their God's Mind instantly, immediately, ultimately.  

While both Jews and Christians recognize that their G-D, Jehovah, cannot be comprehended by our simple, childish minds.  Even the Hindus cannot achieve Nirvana without multiple lifetimes of spiritual reflection.

But Not those Muslims~!  They have to have heads cut off, they have to have female genitals cut off, they have to have slavery, they have to have Domination or nothing.

What an obvious & mere extension of one backward-human's mind and of his thinking. 

The thing about "Islam", which the rest of the world easily sees and knows is, that Islam is a religion of evil fantasy.

EVIL Fantasy~.

Did you know that in every other world religion, EVERY OTHER BUT ISLAM, THERE IS SOMETHING AKIN TO THE "GOLDEN RULE", (do unto others, as you would have them do, unto you)?

There is nothing whatsoever like that, within ISLAM.  

Islam is Satan's alternative religion against the Most Holy GOD, Whose Name is Not "Allah".

For what other religion will tell you that it is OK to hold others, all, ostensibly God's Children, in slavery, or in sexual slavery?  
What other "religion" will tell you that is OK to murder in God's Name?

Only in the unholy, Black name
of Satan, the god of Islam.

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