Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Post: No Bills

Say, do you need some water?  Because we've got so much right now, and we are about to get another 2-months-worth, this week; so we can spare some, if you need some.

So on Saturday, tropical storm 91L was born in the central Gulf of Mexico, and instantly expressed an interest to visit Texas' coastline (who wouldn't?), so it aimed for Victoria.  The storm which now has chosen its gender-identity, and calls itself Tropical Storm Bill, arrives there late this morning, Tuesday, June 16.

Bill will then visit us here in Yanush beginning very late to-night, and maybe staying around here for the rest of his life (again, who wouldn't?).

Bill will bring with him buckets more rain;
predictions are in the 8-12 inch range, because Bill does not like to bar-b-que, golf, or driving around in a convertible.
The following is copied from Wunderground 
(not the Weather Underground, LOL):

...  Regardless of whether or not 91L becomes Tropical Storm Bill before it makes landfall, the system will post a distinct threat of serious flooding over a broad swath from eastern Texas into southern and southeastern Oklahoma. Both states just experienced the wettest single month in their history, and soils remain near saturation. Even without such a worrisome precondition, systems like 91L are notorious for producing enormous amount of rain, sometimes with tragic results. 91L has a large and very moist circulation, and steering currents will be weak as the system slowly moves around a strong, hot dome of high pressure over the Southeast. 
Slow-moving systems need not be intense prior to landfall to generate huge rainfalls once they’re inland, as demonstrated by a number of Gulf of Mexico systems during June and July, when upper flow is often listless. 
Tropical Storm Allison is a textbook example: in June 2001, Allison drifted into east Texas, then circled back southward and made a second landfall in Louisiana, dumping as much to 38” of rain over six days across parts of the Houston area.

Tropical storm Bill is less welcome here in Yanush, than
these other Bills are:


Anonymous said...

You and Letcia please take care with the prospect 8-12" of more rain. Won't take much before Sardis is over Highway 2 and more again.

Terry in OKC

The Local Malcontent said...

Appreciate that~ tonight is when the storm settles in, and you're right, Sardis is more full than we've ever seen it, that is, until Friday of this week.

Seeing though, where you two in OKC are also getting alot of this soaker, too, man!

Anonymous said...

Yep.. Got over 14" in May and have now in June it starts again.. We are just East of OKC and before today have gotten 6.5" rain since last Friday.. Never thought I would say NO MORE to rain in Oklahoma but we all need a break for a while...

Stay safe Ron..