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"REST IN Peace Corps"
The Untold Stories

I have had a very busy week, completing backed-up work which went abandoned due to the flooding in my part of Oklahoma last month, so I have not been blogging that much this week~

That said, I wanted to throw up something here for the weekend, to let my one and only, single fan in Anchorage know that I'm still around.... LOL

Something funny for the weekend, a weekend which will find my wife and me toiling the soil to plant a garden, clean up the flotsam that litters our backyard from the flooding, and get every one's minds off their worries for awhile.

Not. Able.

I couldn't find anything wholesome, uplifting, funny to share really, from the Internet over the past three days, even the jokes, even the Reagan jokes,,, just did not move me.

But here's what did move me:  And It's not all that good.

Did you know that a far-too-big-a number of Peace Corps. volunteers, are killed each year?

I didn't either.  While I've never thought much about the Peace Corps., started by President Kennedy, back in 1961, the number of eager, ambitious, ill-prepared American youths who have died, or been murdered in their country of placing, is too disturbingly high.

No, we don't hear that particular statistic when hearing, seeing the Peace Corps. advertisements-- but our kids do die in service to some country, either the United States or their choices, placement locales.

There is even a website devoted to these fallen, mis-directed individuals, "Fallen Peace Corps Volunteers Memorial Project".

This is under-reported in our United States, as one might expect it to be, given the nature and design of the Peace Corpses' appeals to young, college graduates.

Two volunteers already this year, 2015
David Ripley, in Rwanda, and Robert Lehman, in Tanzania, have died oddly; three in 2014; mostly in Africa and Nepal, and in the Philippines (where the majority of the murders have occurred).
While these young people seem to have been ideologically progressive, maybe socialistic in their being, this doesn't detract one whit from the fact that the Peace Corps. keeps sending in green volunteers into nations at war, possibly facing death.

Take a look at the list of nations for goodness' sake, where each of our innocent, non-warring, American children have been killed- it's a list of backward Muslim countries like Namibia and Rwanda and Chad.
For instance, the most recent odd death of David Ripley, lovingly lifted from

David Ripley
WASHINGTON, D.C., April 2, 2015 – Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet is saddened to confirm the death of Peace Corps volunteer David Ripley. David, 29, passed away while visiting Tanzania on March 31, 2015.

“David was a deeply compassionate and empathetic person, which in turn made him an extraordinary Peace Corps volunteer,” Hessler-Radelet said. “He was committed to putting his experience to work improving the lives of those in his community of service, and was seen as a leader among his fellow volunteers. We are devastated by his loss, and the thoughts and prayers of the entire Peace Corps family are with the Ripley family during this difficult time.”

A native of Palmetto, Fla., David served as a health volunteer in Rwanda. He worked at community health centers and read books to children regularly at the Kigali Reading Center. He was passionate about using technology to deliver clean water to his community, and was making great progress.
Peace Corps staff in Rwanda remember David as positive and caring, and someone who was respected by his colleagues and Peace Corps staff. They said that David was “dedicated to helping the people of Rwanda and took his service seriously.”

David was committed to serving others. Prior to Peace Corps, he worked as a charge paramedic and earned certifications as a paramedic/EMT and a firefighter in his home state of Florida. He graduated cum laude from Saint Petersburg College in Saint Petersburg, Fla.

David Ripley, 29, a trained paramedic who was assigned to work in Rwanda, died Tuesday from an aneurysm, his father, Bruce Ripley, said Saturday.
“They said it was a weak spot in his arteries,” he said. “It was out of clear blue.”
The news came to a shock to the family; David Ripley had never demonstrated issues with his heart....

Or that tragic obituary for Peace Corps. volunteer, Julia Campbell, who was murdered in 2007 in the jungles of the Philippines:

Julia Cecele Campbell
MANILA, April 18, 2007 – U.S. Peace Corps Director Ron Tschetter, along with the U.S. Embassy in Manila, is saddened to confirm the death of U.S. Peace Corps Volunteer Julia Campbell, who disappeared on April 8 while hiking in Banaue, Ifugao Province, Northern Luzon. Search parties discovered Ms. Campbell’s body near Barangay Batad, Banaue town this morning.
Philippine authorities will make the final pronouncement of cause of death.

Ms. Campbell was reported missing on April 11 after failing to show up for several appointments. She was last seen on Sunday, April 8 in the Banaue area. She reportedly intended to hike in a hilly area near Batad, 1.5 kilometers east of Banaue town, and was unaccompanied.

From Fox News (.) Com, , THIS:

Philippine police launched a criminal investigation after soldiers found the body of a missing American Peace Corps volunteer in a shallow grave Wednesday in a mountainous northern town where she disappeared while hiking 10 days ago.

and sadly, this news about Julia:
Blows to the head killed a U.S. Peace Corps volunteer who was found buried in a shallow grave in a northern Philippine mountain village, officials said Saturday after an autopsy.

Julia Campbell, 40, of Fairfax, Virginia, suffered "multiple blunt traumatic injuries of the head," police Chief Inspector Mamerto Bernabe, a pathologist who headed the autopsy, told reporters at a suburban funeral parlor.


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