Sunday, June 28, 2015

"Smokin' 94.1 FM , KBUD"
In the Mile-High City

Wonder if this radio station plays "Smoke on the Water"??

This is the kind of entrepreneurial story I love best:  When a businessman or woman takes great advantage of a niche' in the economy, especially when said niche' is due to a governmental screw-up.
-- Like school kids selling salt and sugar in cafeterias....

Lovingly lifted from the stash of the Cannabist:

Weed culture moved from the air to the airwaves in Colorado last week

The first thing you notice after entering the Denver studios of “Smokin 94.1″ — Colorado’s first FM radio station devoted to marijuana enthusiasts, which debuted last week — is the lack of smell.
A giant bong and pot-themed posters decorate the offices, the music is in line with the brand (Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory”), but the air is clean.

“It’s a non-smoking building,” said owner Marc Paskin, who doubles as DJ “Gary Ganja” during afternoon drive time. He’s additionally “O.G. Kush,” the announcer of the pot radio “4:20 News,” repeated at 5:20 p.m. “because our listeners can’t remember.”

The station is full of pot gags, but an attorney specializing in broadcast cases warns against what Paskin is doing.

San Diego millionaire Paskin bought KDCO-AM and FM translator K231BQ on 94.1 from James Merrilot of Mile High Sports for $875,000. He has put a total of $1 million into the project, not to promote marijuana, he says, and not just to cash in on Colorado’s legalization of weed either.
Paskin, bald but wearing a hat with dredlocks and a shirt emblazoned with marijuana leaves, sunglasses and shorts, allows, “I’m 66 and act like an 8-year-old.”

“I’m a ham,” Paskin said. But his other reason is “to bring the fun back to radio. All of Denver is corporate radio. This is the way radio was in the ’60s.”

Paskin maintains his audience is age 45-plus, so he’s not targeting those under 21 who are legally prevented from using weed. Still, might he be at risk of Federal Communications Commission fines?

~ take a sample-hit online, to Smokin 94.1 FM, here:

“Nobody knows the answer. If anyone tells you it’s illegal (to program a radio station this way), it’s only their opinion,” he said.

The DJs will never advise listeners to smoke weed, nor say they are stoned on the air, Paskin said.
Gary Ganja says “smokin’ high will get you a DUI.”
Meanwhile, taglines run on the station espousing pot humor: “Smokin 94.1, one hit after another (cough cough).”

Asked if he imbibes, Paskin had a ready answer: “I don’t remember.” Likewise DJ “Stoney Reynolds” (formerly known as Bo Reynolds on KALC-105.9 FM) said, “My mother listens, so if I answered, I’d be grounded.”

In non-reality-ed news,   Dr. Johnny Fever announced that he will come out of forced retirement, and move to the Denver area.

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