Wednesday, July 22, 2015


For he is nothing more than a
Chicago goon, "Obama".  
Nothing more than a zero-point, a deep, new low for American Politics.
"Zerobama" is accurate; for his whole life is a deficit, a non-plus on society, the destroyer of good, American jobs.

The whole world will question Negros in powerful positions after this, as a result of Zerobama, and there will never ever be another Black politician elected to our highest office, as a direct result of this demon's tenure.

Mr. Zerobama has set back the Negro's advancement in this world, 300 years at least.  All for his own glory....

Blame the brainless Democrats for this world-wide tragedy;  for they have No keen, new ideas on governance, only the tried-and-failed policies of higher taxation and cultural division, upon which to rely from now on.  FROM NOW ON.


Next the Dems will float a female presidental candidate; then an undocumented, Latino candidate; after that, a transgendered Presidential candidate; after that, a Martian candidate.  

That's because they, the Liberal progressives in the U.S. today, DO NOT HAVE ANY IDEAS WHATSOEVER about advancing a national, economic agenda, other than "higher taxes", and even "higher taxes" after that...   Demanding more money from us, to pay for their voting populace' ignorance, is all they have left.  

And that is but two steps away from total anarchy, a total un-civil war, but that is the direction which Democrats are pushing this nation.

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Anonymous said...

So, I'm all for native peoples' wisdom, but if Obama and the democrats are so wrong, how do you see someone doing the right thing? I can think of several ways, but this is a nation of millions of people, so we will need to take "baby steps." Mother Earth will decide if the steps need to be dramatic, and that is her and Great Sprit's work, not ours. I admit that the democratic election is choosing the lesser of two evils, but we have not been able to elect someone more to our liking. Thanks for your site.
--Becoming Hawk Owl