Saturday, July 4, 2015

Keepin' It Classy,
Liberals Plumb the Depths of Depravity;
Then Keep Tunneling


Liberals are so obscene, SO detestable.
Liberal low-lights of 2015 (so far): 

First, this black, liberal hag posting on Twitter threatening
CJ Pearson, the 12-year-old Conservative youth who has become renowned for his harsh criticisms of controversial leader Barry hUSs Obama.

This is simply unacceptable, threatening a 12 year old and his family, based upon his freedom of speech.

This genuine, PieceOfSHIT thinks that she can take out this young boy's family, with all of Georgia protecting him, all of Conservatism protecting him??  Well, Bring It On, Mona Hussein Obama;
I am now taking up CJ's cause and searching for you, myself.  
And best of all, you will never see me coming, stupid bitch.

****    ****    ****

Second, there is this horrible announcement by a pregnant, Liberal woman:

How much would you pay to stop an abortion?
This Liberal is auctioning the life of her unborn baby.  Holding him/her for ransom, and betting that Conservatives WON'T MEET HER DEMANDS FOR ONE MILLION DOLLARS;  otherwise, she will abort the baby on July 10.

Who ever dared to think that a woman would/could dare, ransom her unborn child??  ONLY A LIBERAL.

Either way, I so hope that she burns for eternity in Hell.

****    ****    ****    ****

Lastly, there's Lieutenant Sulu, a.k.a. George Takei, calling out Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, calling him a "Clown in Blackface", for opposing queer-weddings in the recent
SCOTUS miscue ruling.

George Takei likely went where no critic of a Supreme Court justice has ever gone before. 

Mr Sulu is really MS. Sulu, who fires her Photon Rockets into the deep space of her ?husband these days, and vicey versey on weakends.  George Takai also suffers from advanced AIDS, and has spread that deadly disease to hundreds of her Star Trek fans.

Why do Liberals hate children so much?  

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LL said...


Apparently George's answer is yes, and he and his friends will remove themselves from the gene pool...not since they were eve in it because Gay sex doesn't lead to reproduction.