Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mirror, Mirror, On the Wall
Who's the Most Contempable Politician
Of Them All?

Hillary Clinton learned well, at the knee of Richard Nixon, 
who merely eavesdropped on a competitor's campaign.  

Mrs. Clinton, took the ball and ran with it:  
She accepted funds from countries with abominable civil rights records, and worse civil rights for women, while she was Secretary of State;
becoming beholding FIRST, to these nations
before the interests of our United States of America.

She had beforehand knowledge that our Ambassador and staff would be murdered in Behghazi, Libya,
on Sept. 11, 2012

Hillary kept an illegal email server in her N.Y. home, which she used as Secretary of State,
in obvious contravention of US Law, in order to bypass FOIA laws.

Hillary is Nixon on steroids,
She does not love America, unlike Nixon,
She only looks out for herself, and her legacy.

Her one and only, novel claim to the presidency,
is between her legs, as she is so eager to promote.

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