Wednesday, July 5, 2017


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Simple little tune from 1886, everyone can play it on a piano keyboard.

Place index fingers of each hand, one on the F key, 
and the other on the G key, 
then expand outwardly to the Cs.
For the second stanza, you take two fingers, 
held two keys apart, 
and go down and up the octave from C/E.  

Beauty in Simplicity.

Yet in this most impressive audio below, 
the very impressive pianist Kurt Hugo Schneider

In this 4 minute Audio, I can hear the skilled, styled renditions of "Chopsticks" by at least 15 different pianists
different interpretations of that splendidly simple tune:

Scott Joplin, of course, very early on;
and Henry Mancini, 
and Ludwig Von Beethoven,
and Van Cliburn,
and J.S. Bach,
and Billy Joel,
and Elton John,
and Franz Lizst (!!),
and Jerry Lee Lewis,
and Sergei Rachmaninoff
and George Gershwin,
and Liberace,
and holy crap, Hubie Blake. for four measures~!
and even Victor Borge, tucked angrily between the lines.

And by using the Chinese chopsticks to play the piano keys, Schneider EVEN blesses us listeners to what would be a clacking, toy piano version too. 

Stunningly brilliant.  GENIUS.

I've not yet identified the raging interpretation Schneider gives this piece, stanzas both before Listz, and after Jerry Lee... 
Sergei Taneyev??  Daffy and Donald Ducks?  
The Three Stooges?

It's crazy COOL, pleasing to the ears any way, it is awesome.
It. Is. Awesome.

ENJOY THIS, you will.

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