Saturday, July 11, 2015

What Dreams Are Made Of
(& Nightmares)

I saw this article above at Breitbart-dot-com, Friday night,
and my heart leaped, for one-half second.

When I then read that controversial leader Barry 0bama will be coming to Oklahoma, just a visit to a Federal prison, in El Reno, just west of Oklahoma City, the fantasy headline and my eternal, internal hope became an unpleasant feeling in my gut.

But wait~ there's more.

The day before he visits the prison in El Reno, Obama will visit the capital of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Durant, and visit with our newly elected Chief, Gary Batton.  (We voted for Gary this morning in Wilburton)

So now, it's a nightmare I'm having--  From Channel 4 in OKC:

Obama is expected to come to Oklahoma next week, the White House announced Friday.
Officials say he will be here for two days to talk with the Choctaw Nation and visit the federal prison in El Reno.

“On Wednesday, July 15th, [he] will travel to Durant, Oklahoma, where he will visit the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and deliver remarks on expanding economic opportunity. He will remain overnight in Oklahoma. 

Coming to take credit for the results of our tremendous economy here in my beloved state, which are due to Governor Mary Fallin, retired Chief Gregory Pyle and Chief Batton~!!
AND NOT to this guy; 
but as usual with all things Liberal:  Steal the credit of others' hard, steady work, and accept none of the blame for themselves.

I sooo regret that Leti and I won't be leaving for the first leg of our summer vacation until the next afternoon.... so our proximity to this ($^**@^(_+(*%{+%#} will be about 24-28 hrs.

Hmm, wonder if he might try to "fundraise" in RedState Oklahoma?  Lotsa luck with that, although we DO have a panhandle.

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