Sunday, August 30, 2015

Another No-Hitter Thrown, Another Free Domino's Pizza~!

As predicted here, two weeks ago, Major League Baseball has produced another amazing No-hitter, this one thrown by Chicago Cubs' pitcher Jake Arrieta beat the Los Angeles Dodgers (AGAIN), 2-0.

What this means to you and to me, non-Cub-fans, is another opportunity to get a free, delicious, 2-topping, deep dish Domino's Pizza, tomorrow at 3pm (Eastern Daylight Time).

What is wrong with the Dodgers??, however, may be the bigger story here.  Because it was these same Los Angeles Nine which was no-hit just 9 days ago by Houston.  No team in Baseball history has been no-hit more than the Brooklyn/Los Angeles Dodgers.

Two weeks ago here, I predicted at least two more no-hitters could possibly be thrown this season; do I see any more?  

YES, at least one more, watch the Texas Rangers, or Detroit Tigers to pitch a gem soon.

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