Saturday, August 1, 2015

"Babushka" Means 'Grandmother' and
"Veetska" Means 'Murderer' in Russian
Meet Tamara Samson

Babushka Veetska,
Tamara Samsonova, the mass-murdering granny~!

This old lady from St. Petersburg, Russia is a mass-murderer, and the details of her crimes rival those of ISIS killers and of Jeffery Dahmer.

This is
Tamara Samson, 68.
(in Russian, Samsonova):

She is seen in CCTV footage, dated July 23, dragging out a large trashbag to a certain spot across from her apartment in suburban
St. Petersburg, Russia, where later the dismembered body of a 79-year-old woman was found, headless, and her torso missing one arm and one leg.
The body parts were found floating in a pond soon thereafter.

The victim was identified as a woman who was living in Samson's apartment, and under her medical, elder-care.  
A search of Gramma's apartment found dried blood splatters which DNA experts have matched with the 79 year old victim.

But wait, there's more....  And it is gruesome:

Also found, tucked, hidden away in a wall, was Granny's secret diary.  That very black book recounted the murders of 10 other victims over the past 15 years, including her husband in 2005, and a boarder in 2003.  The dismembered body of the boarder was found in the exact location as the 79 year old, two weeks ago.

OK, you're gonna have to trust me on this part:  
I Google-translated the Russian News webpage of this story
( ).  It says:

Ten murders committed by the old woman in the street Dimitrov described in detail in this diary. These memories are removed after accusing her in the dismemberment of another pensioner. If the memories are true, then my grandmother was unprecedented for a Russian serial killer, and her diary - Stephen King in reality. The reliability indicates a precise description of the murder in 2003, which really was.

The case of the murder of a woman whose decapitated body was found July 26 in the evening by the pond on the street Dimitrova , law enforcers have disclosed the next day. History horrible, but compared with the further developments, banal: on suspicion of murdering 79-year-old Valentina Ulanova, was detained 68-year-old Tamara Samsonova . Alleged killer cared for the sick Ulanova, lived in her apartment. It is the same as seen on the recording made ​​CCTV camera and took out a dead body.

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