Friday, August 28, 2015

Hillary's Biggest Fan

Meet Gordon Seifert, seen below in his most famous video.  

He's a Hillary Clinton voter, one of the smartest ones out there,
in fact.  
He believes that it's time for America to be led by a woman, FOR NO PARTICULAR REASON, except that Gordon is into Novelty.

And like Barry hUSsein 0bama, it would be novel for the United States of America to be led by a crazy grandmother.

After being summarily dropped onto his head just after birth, as is the Liberal, Democratic tradition in our country, Gordon went to a school where little boys and girls both went to the same bathrooms.  Gordon's first job was as a Community organizer for Nambla, as a test-subject, then as the local Head.  He attended the University of Chicago, majoring in Liberal Studies, and was an athletic supporter to the college's men's tennis, men's soccer, men's wrestling teams.

Gordon Seifert, of Illinois, also thinks that next, after Hillary's presidency, a transgender-Russian teenager ought to become President.  Then, a Peruvian mummy.  

Do not dare to be so politically correct,
you dangerous American traditionalists.
It is time we changed, giving in to
the ease of insanity, and seeing where it leads us.

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