Monday, August 24, 2015

Huma Abedin and Anthony Weiner -
The Schnozzolas Which Nose No Bound

What gets me is how two such uhhh, outstanding, 
uhh people, become attracted to each other.

Here are the lovely Huma and Anthony Weiners,
or a.k.a.,
Mr./Mrs. Carlos Dangers.

More of them than you'd ever, ever, ever
want to nose

Did you no, that Huma is a Muslim?  Did you no that Anthony is an exhibitionist Jew? 

You already probably nose that both Huma and her husband Anthony worship Bill and Hillary Clinton.  And sure esnuff, the two couples' nose-bleed-heights-incomes put them properly into the TOP 1% of American incomes and therefore, these two couples nose what is best for this country, and it's future.

Four years ago, US Representative Anthony Weiner, a.k.a. Carlos Danger (D-NY), was involved in his own big scandal, exposing his genitals to six young women on Twitter. 

God Nose, if he had exposed his schnozzle on Twitter, he'd be in some prison right now. His big nose is circumcised, too.

He resigned from Congress, and laid low for awhile, which was extremely uncomfortable for him, as you may nose or imagine.  But then, he announced that he was a changed person, gotten married to Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton' best friend forever, and Muslim Brotherhood infiltrate.

They nosed each other carnally, as newlyweds would, and behold~!
They had a baby.

Then Anthony's nose ran for Mayor for New York City; but his smaller schnozzle got him into trouble once again:  Another scandal, another Twitter-genital exposure, and he was forced to back away (several inches) from that NYC Mayoral race.

NOW, his wife Huma Abedin is in the nose in the news.

She is accused of cheating the American government of payments, salaries, as a part-time employee under Hillary Clitnon, the Secretary of State, while also performing acts for Hillary's Philanthropic Foundation, which as everybody nose, is also under investigation during her presidential campaign.

Huma, Anthony, Billy, Hillary are all unpleasant relics of the Democratic Party's smelly, stinking past, as everybody nose.  They each feel that they are above the law, because they hold their noses so high in the air, by necessity since their proboscises are so abnormally and unattractively enormous.

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