Monday, August 31, 2015

Norway Being Invaded by
Illegal Immigrants, Too

Norway is also the country where the Nobel Peace Prize is given out, to the likes of Barry Zerobama, in 2009, for doing absolutely nothing then, but fomenting world wide war, since~

I'm pleased to see this development, in a hateful way; I hope that their socialist way of life is forever diminished.  Justifiable Genocide, you could call it.

From the Independent, this:  
Refugees are reportedly using bicycles to cross the Arctic border into Norway to exploit a legal loophole in the country's immigration controls.

According to the Local (NOT ME, instead some imitation press outlet), it is illegal for refugees to cross the border either by foot or in someone else's car if the driver does not have the correct papers.
As a result, it reports, more than 100 refugees thought to be from Syria and the Mediterranean who have made their way towards the border through Russia have started using bikes instead.

Police Chief Inspector Goeran Stenseth said 151 people had crossed this year near the northeastern Norwegian town of Kirkenes, 2,500 kilometres (1,550 miles) northeast of Oslo, most of them during July and August.

He said migrants arrive in motor vehicles but that some had resorted to crossing by bicycle because the Storskog border post is not open to pedestrians in line with a Norwegian-Russian border agreement.

Mr Stenseth said police were investigating whether the traffic was organised - and that they planned to take up the issue with Russian border officials.
It comes just two months after a senior member of the ruling Progress Party said failed asylum seekers should be jailed.

“What we are sending out for consultation now is a proposal that the cases of asylum seekers who deliver manifestly unfounded asylum applications can be processed with an expeditious procedure lasting two days, and that they also be detained pending proceedings.”

Good.  The Norweigans deserve to be slowly invaded, eaten,
by the Syrians, and the Hezbollas, and the She-ites, the Sunnis, all determined to tear asunder the placid, complacent, halcyon countryside, formerly known as "Norway".

~Note to President Trump, Vice President Cruz:

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hmscollingwood said...

Finnishing (pun intended) what Stalin started during WW2 :)