Sunday, August 30, 2015


Guy Lombardo's "Did You Ever See A Dream Walking?", 1933.

HAVING trouble getting to sleep at night?  
Well friend, I'm here to help you out~!  Free, No Charge~!

If you follow the these easy, 3 steps, I guarantee that you will fall asleep within one hour, and will have a peaceful sleep for at least 5 (five) hours.

1. Set an alarm for when you do need to be awake.

2. Set your computer, or your computer's speakers nearby your place of rest ( your bed, a sofa, the front seat {with Car in Park, Engine off, windows open},  cardboard box)

3. Click the video below, and lie down.  The volume does not matter, just be able to hear her voice, and within 1 (one) hour, .... Dreamland and Rest.

This video of Doris Kearns Goodwin's interview on C-SPAN, on her book "The Bully Pulpit - Teddy Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of Journalism" is the driest interview I've ever had the unfortunate trial of listening to- ( Interesting Fact:  I've never made it past the 13-minute mark, and I've tried to, many times) - it is as dry, as bland as stale toast.

Not even that good or interesting, really:  Think of eating sliced Toast made from already-stale, sliced bread.  
Goodwin would definitely not be mistaken for a Dream Walking.

+ Not Habit-forming, non addictive (in the least)-
+ Fast acting, non-drowsy formula
+ Can be used by children of any age, without danger~!

Good Night, Rest well~!  I Know that you will.

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