Saturday, August 22, 2015


He IS a legend in his own mind, and WOW, it's infectious.  I'm impressed ~!

I am not on Donald Trump's bandwagon, just yet, but let's just say that I'm walking just behind it, following him.

Mr. Trump is truly saying some very important things, which a vast number of Americans also have on their minds.  Things like illegal immigration, things like abortion, things like the disastrous Iran agreement, the folly signed by John Kerry, professional loser.

And Mr. Trump makes me laugh....  Just as another tremendous, late, former American President did/does. 

I am very impressed that the Donald speaks so comfortably, with passion, off the cuff to Americans' sincere concerns about their futures, their jobs, their country.

They, the Liberal opposition-escapees from the mental institution, once called Ronald Reagan, then again George W. Bush, "cowboys", because of their populist speeches, their populist appeal.  But Mr. Trump is from Brooklyn, NY, and there are no cowboys from Brooklyn, only Dodgers.  

Mr. Trump IS appealing.  And it shows, with his (current) 18% lead over his competitors for the Republican candidacy for President.

His strategy, and indeed, his great appeal to regular Americans of all stripes-- racial, political, economic-- is to Go Bold, Be Bold, and I don't think that it is an act, simply to get to his next level of political goals (Rep. candidacy).

I do like him, and I really do believe that should he be elected President, that a President Trump would revitalize American Business, our economy, and maybe most importantly, rebuild American confidence in America herself.  

His "whole interest, his whole being, is in making this country rich"


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