Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Right Up Front, I want to tell everyone that Indeed, I got our free pizza from Domino's Pizza, finally yesterday. 

And it was delicious, as usual:  Not only because it was from our favorite pizzaria, Domino's, but also because nothing tastes better than free pizza (or free beer), that one had to fight for.

And fight I did.  As I mentioned in my last post here, I am a warrior, for what is good and right, like keeping a company's claims honest, like keeping politician's promises ever in the public eye, so that they remember what they promised once.

Here's what I had to do to get my promised "DomiNoNo" pizza:  I contacted the Domino's Corporate offices, 3 times, complaining about the situation, the third time got a little heated on my part, because I kept getting a callous run-around-reply.
I contacted Major League Baseball, speaking first to a guy in Central America (??), Oscar, who's a Yankees fan, then I got bold and looked up the Baseball Commissioner's phone number in New York City.
And once I had spoken with an executive secretary (Grace) to the Commissioner, 
funny thing~~
When I next called my nearby Domino's Pizzaria, they were happy to take my free pizza code~! 

I noticed that Domino's corporate office came by here for a visit, I guess to see what I'd said about their promise:

So, therefore, having gotten our pizza (Sausage & Double cheese), I take back the claims of FRAUD, which I accused them of yesterday. 

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