Tuesday, September 1, 2015

" 17 SKYS "

I get personal messages from my Creator God all the time.
~He makes me feel Special when He does this.
All Glory To God Almighty~!~!

So today, just after 1 pm, I'm driving my usual route:
Today, from Durant to Grant to McAlester to homebase, when I get behind a slow driver, really pushing it at around 43 miles an hour in 65 mph zone on Hwy. 75.

Can't pass because of traffic (until I did), so I sit back and enjoy the Rush Limbaugh Show on the radio, and enjoy the beautiful scenery.  
(once, I was behind such a very slow driver, I was able to observe an entire half-inning of Cameron High School baseball being played~ TRUE STORY)

That's when I notice the Oklahoma license plate on the turtle-car in front of me, and I was amazed to read what I take as another gentle message from God Almighty, that pretty soon everything in America will be Okay again, because one of the 17 Republican candidates will be elected to govern
in November 2016.

Because the Okla. license plate in front of me read: 17SKYS

When I read that literally, I became so calm and relaxed.
It's meaning to any other redneck, conservative Indian would be the same:
That there are 17 skys ahead of me, of us this afternoon;   that everything will surely slow down, so take your time, be sure and get to your destination safe and secure, because there are 17 SKYS ahead~!

**There are presently, 17 good GOP candidates too.

And to be perfectly honest, God Himself used that Oklahoma license plate to reach me, to assure me of clear sailing ahead, and to assuage the fears of Americans about times to come.  He did so, by using some innocent person's Oklahoma license plate, dazzling me both then and now, with the simple optical illusion:

175KYS, out of Kay County, Oklahoma.  Please don't bother the holder of this license plate~?

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