Friday, September 11, 2015

I Cannot Begin To Imagine

Today is the 14th anniversary of America's Most Tragic Day, the terrorist attack on the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., a small Pennsylvania town, and New York City, the World Trade Towers complex.

And it's been about three years or so, since I last re-published here, on this date, the tribute I was humbled to research and compose,
to one American who perished in one of those towers, 
"Tiny" Mike Tanner.  

But honestly, NOT ONE WEEK GOES BY FOR ME, FOR LETICIA AND ME, WITHOUT BEING REMINDED OF MICHAEL ANTHONY TANNER~ his legacy, his daughters, his wife, his friends come by my "Tiny" blog in search of words, of memories of this man.

Today, as of noon, more than two dozen people so far, have visited my blog, specifically to read a tribute to a wonderful man who should not have perished, damn it.

A man whom I still wish I'd had the pleasure of meeting and of knowing, such a warm, kind man he was~ and all I can hope for, is that his most endearing and lasting legacy is his generous attitude, his caring sentiment, his apparent 'gung-ho' motivation is carried on by everyone who knew him, and those of us who wished to known him.

I cannot imagine what depths of grief Michele and her daughters must constantly feel, being reminded on a yearly ~if NOT daily~ basis, of their humongous loss in their husband, dad, and most devoted friend.  For while I have experienced the losses of friends who've been murdered, I have never experienced the overwhelming grief and disbelief and bewilderment, all combined, as anyone who had a personal friend or family member, who lost their innocent life in the way nearly 3,000 Americans, including Mike Tanner, did, 14 years ago today.

I once put into words genuine amazement, at Mister Tanner's life, and that still holds true; that still holds true for/to me today.  But I freely admit, that I have no similar frame of reference to fully comprehend the devastation of loss, that surviving loved ones feel today.

I had no friends perish on April 19, 1995 in Oklahoma City;
I knew no Branch Davidians in Waco; I had no family members killed at Pearl Harbor; I am a member of an Indian Tribe, yet one which was not hunted down and killed by white settlers/Army in the old West~~

I cannot begin to comprehend the agony/anger suffered by the survivors on this dark anniversary, of whom I pay
my sincerest tribute,

Please, accept this, the following video, in hopeful fellowship, that one day we will all be re-united with Tiny again.

May God Bless us all, and the United States of America.


Unknown said...

First please
Forward me this article as I maybahow my girls. I sent you an email Your tribute to my husband honors his memory and passion for life and those who he loved and cherished .. You initial contact with me provided me with insight to deal with my pain. These men Nd women who lost their lives were people who had passions , families , and great achievements. 9/11 should be a celebration of how they lives their extra ordinary lives and the people who were touched by them. They are so much more than just a victim. I will always celebrate the memories of who Michael was and the memories he left with me withasy an eternity. And no terrorist can ever take that away. Thank you Fondly

The Local Malcontent said...

YES, Michele, we received your kind email today~

And for what it's worth, from Leticia and Ron Malcontent, Thank you, we love you and the girls so much, we would SOOO love to meet you~!!

Like Mike's bravery and manhood, your bravery and stamina and kindness are like a beacon to us all:
How should we act?, in a similar situation? You have given us a light, a signal, an honorable path to follow, in your most tragic loss.

May GOD bless you and your daughters, like Ruth and like the Virgin Mary, for your endearing, living, loving testimonies, your legacies, and OUR friendships~!

I often say to friends, "What did I ever do to deserve You as my friend?" with genuine sincerety:::::
But Never Have I Meant it More, Than To You. You honor me, when I don't deserve it.


Most Rev. Gregori said...

Wonderful tribute.

I didn't post anything on my blog yesterday for my cousin, Allen Bondarenko, because I spent the night before and most of yesterday with Allen's family, along with my sons. Allen's wife still cannot bring herself to visit the memorial at the Trade Center site, even after all this time. Lord willing, I am praying that we can get her to go next year.

I keep praying that God will send a Spirit of Repentance upon this nation, because since 9/11, we as a nation and as a people have drifted so far from the Christian nation we were founded to be. It seems that we are now a nation filled with hate and distrust for each other, as well as now being a nation of people who are self-indulgent, seekers after instant gratification and pleasures in our personal lives. Our government and the people have embraced immorality like a long-lost loved one. Unless we turn things around, and welcome God beck into our government, into our society and into our lives, i believe that far worse than 9/11 will befall this country, and sooner then most believe. i pray that I am wrong.

God bless you and yours, and stay safe.

The Local Malcontent said...

I had forgotten that Allen was your cousin, Abouna~

Please pass along our sincere prayers for her, his wife's wellbeing, and like you, I hope that soon, she can come to grips with the overall meaning of his death, in the context of the greater battle with Islam, a backward cult with backward-thinking extremists, running the show.

I agree with your other point, about national repentance, to a degree: Meaning, that I now see that America needs the very dramatic, alarming wake-up call to come back to Jesus Christ.

My long standing call for revival, gets heard here in the heartland, but seemingly nowhere else.