Saturday, September 5, 2015

Near the Home of the Va. Tech "HOAXIES"?

The fact that seven years ago, a foreign-student gunman shot and killed 13 students and faculty at nearby Virginia Tech University, could influence the local populace there, is not lost on me~

I am not usually a conspiracy theorist, despite the fact that I follow Alex Jones' radio shows:  But this comparison of differences-on-videos, of the Virginia TV station's reporter/cameraman shootings is stringently, and markedly distinct.

You can see the differences of the two videos, captured supposedly at the same time, causing this YouTube author to proclaim that the entire event was staged.

If you don't want to watch the video below, showing small, yet glaring differences between the two videos, supposedly filmed at the same moment, then here is what you would see:

The reporter's head nods up and down, and her script is held in her right hand, then raised after the first shot is fired, in the TV version.  In the shooter's video, her head does not nod, and the script is not raised in the exact same manor.
There are differences, in the same event.  What does that mean, then??  


Hundreds of people have blogged, expressed incredulity, that not one of the three people involved, notices a heavy-set Black man with his handgun extended, moving up close to them;  the same people have blogged, expressed incredulity, that the TV camera does not flinch at all, at the first shots fired....  as if Adam Ward, the cameraman on the scene, expected it.

Further evidence of a perpetuated hoax is the moment when the TV cameraman drops his video camera:  On one video, it is after the 5th gunshot; on the other, right after the 3rd gunshot, although it is unclear if Ward held his camera after being shot twice, fatally, before he dropped the device.

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