Wednesday, September 2, 2015

#Nobody's Lives Matter

I have tried reaching out to former readers, and indeed to current readers of The Local Malcontent bloggie, trying to find out why nobody cares to comment here anymore.  

People visit, people read what I have to say on some particular subject, then without any comment, click & go away.  I'm not begging for the kind of participation I got when I was a blogging baby, 8 years ago, but surely, occasionally, someone wants to say something in response to something I've said??

"Let The Truth Be Known" blog, written by my earliest and bestest blogger friend, Bishop Gregori, Abouna, has been cancelled abruptly tonight -- according to his email to me, "because of his health going down hill (rapidly)."

Another Good One Bites the Dust~

That is a very sad and very disturbing trend which I am seeing, in light of the onslaught of the current American, "Democratic" leadership's war on Truth and Freedom of Speech.  And due to the popularity of the mere-140-character blog posts, known as Twitter

But I will not give up blogging here, despite threatening to, approximately 20,000 times so far~!
I just love being able to speak my American Indian, Choctaw mind to all of you;  on whatever subject, whatever appeals to me at the moment:  on Baseball, on Scott Joplin, on all the Stupid Democrats, the Annoying Republicans, on Oklahoma Casino regulation, on my Indian heritage, and on my Jewish solidarity;
I remember one-whole year, when all I blogged about was my courtship with my future wife, Leticia Marie Hunter, and I had commenters galore~!


I only speak my mind, and will continue to do so here. Because I AM.  THE. Local Malcontent.
Whatever my mind dwells upon.... THAT'S WHY I CALL THIS "MY MIND'S PLAYGROUND".

I can see via StatCounter, that I have Noel, Missouri, Trenton, New Jersey, Oklahoma City and Dallas, Texas visitors, constantly, daily~
but these never ever bother to comment here.  Should I be offended??  No, because that works into the hands of the victimization, Democratic playbook. 

Comment, dammit~!
Tell me to go to hell, tell me that I'm insane, tell me something.
Lack of comments killed Abouna's bloggie, killed Jungle Mom's bloggie, and killed countless others.


The Local Malcontent said...

I'll start the congaline, with this comment:

Both Jungle Mom and Abouna were dear friends: I tried in both cases to improve, to increase their incomes. But, inmyhonestopinion, neither was inclined to do for others, what they promised to try to do.

Losers? Quitters?? That is not my place to say. What I do feel qualified to say, is that they meant well, but for whatever reason, they let their readers, INCLUDING ME, down.

That is the essence of the difference between them and me: I'm Choctaw Indian, I don't know 'defeat', I don't know 'Quit'.

I only know Energizer bunny, Just keep going, and going and going

LL said...

Keep blogging, Malcontent. The more you comment on blogs such as mine, the more likely I will comment here. But I do read what you write.

Hatless in Hattiesburg said...

"I only know Energizer bunny, Just keep going, and going and going"

I'm glad you have that energy, that drive - it's the exact opposite of what I have. After wasting my youth on unattainable goals, I don't really even try for things that might be attainable - like a job i don't loathe, or some semblance of a social life. For me it's down to hassle avoidance. This is not a good thing, but it's the truth.

As far as the downturn in blogs and commenting, it's not just yours. A lot of it is because technology fads have moved on to cater to the public's sadly predominant femtoscopic attention spans. (It's not named TWITter by accident ;)


Your 17SKYS story is very good. God has had to get through to me in equally wonderful but inexplicable ways.

Col. B. Bunny said...

I've always appreciated your blog, LM. I tend to read the anti-immigration, anti-jihad stuff these days, with a sprinkling of sites dealing with natural born citizenship and birthright citizenship. My tastes seem to skip around. Perhaps I DO have the attention span of a third-grader.

I still have you on my blogroll, so there's that. I dropped in today after checking out HiH after ignoring him for a good bit.

I rarely get comments except where I cross post over on Liberty's Torch. I haven't a clue why that's the case. Unrequited genius is my current top theory.

Btw, I still chuckle at your comment about some festival you were writing about and urging us all to bring our smallpox-infected blankets with us.

Most Rev. Gregori said...

My dear Friend (and I mean that), I am sorry I had to give up on the "LET THE TRUTH BE KNOWN" blog, but with all that is going on with me, health wise, and my Church asking me to take over a seminary class due to the passing of the priest/monk who was originally teaching the course, I find that there is more that needs to be done than there are hours in the day and unfortunately my 70 year old body just isn't up to the task any more.

But your no "quit attitude" has given me enough encouragement to try again, which is why I have started a new Blog titled: "AN INSIGNIFICANT BLOG BY A PRIEST OF DUBIOUS RELEVANCE" at;

But please understand that due to limited health and time, I may not post more that once a week or twice a month. And I will try to visit your blog at least once week. And when I comment, I promise I will not try to sell you any real estate or other product.

Thank you for keeping on, keeping on.


The Local Malcontent said...

Old FRIENDS, heyyah, you amazed me here, and that's a darn hard thing to do these days~!!

I love you all, spy/visit you all daily, an' I guess I'm guilty of MOTS too, so I shouldn't complain so much.

Hatless, I love you~!

Col. B. Bunny, you are one of my first sources of pure wisdom, too witch I can'tnot relate, so in the ethers, R U~

Abouna, Thank you too~!