Monday, September 7, 2015

Re-Inventing Herself, Hillary Clinton, Version 3.0
Due Out This November

Since it seems that nobody en masse liked the previous versions of the Madame Hillary Clinton very much at all, and her sordid, criminal activities while being First Lady of Arkansas, then the US, then U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary foresees the need again to re-introduce herself, to re-invent herself to the voting populace.

She's now Batgirl, SuperWoman,
Betty Crocker & Sandra Day O'Connor, all mixed nicely (she'll say) in a wholesome nutritious daily supplement.  

And OH~, I almost forgot to mention her nutty topping:  
She's also part Sheila Jackson Lee.

From the WaPo, this article:
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa — After this summer of Hillary Rodham Clinton’s discontent, when her public support dropped while the stock of real and potential challengers rose, her checklist for a campaign revamp this fall is long.  New humble posture when asked about her use of a private e-mail system for government work? Check.

New reckoning with the possibility that she may lose the New Hampshire primary, and perhaps even the Iowa caucuses? Check.

Clinton was speaking at a backyard picnic in Cedar Rapids on a sweet, late-summer evening, and she was talking about Republicans rather than Democrats. But the message is also meant to remind Democrats that Clinton remains the front-runner overall. About half of those invited to hear Clinton were uncommitted Democrats.

“The other side has said they will spend, do and say anything to win back the White House,” she said. “I am absolutely confident that whatever they throw at me, I can throw it right back.”
Lamps.... watch out for the lamps...

That paragraph, and her statement therein is truly revealing:  She can be whatever she wants to be, whoever she needs to be, at the given moment.  In other words, Hillary Clinton just said, "I will spend, do and say anything to win back the White House."

She's a lawyer, so she thinks she can say anything and get away with it.  Like she has before, with WhiteWater, the Travel Office scandal, Benghazi, and her illegal email system and exposing US confidential emails to unauthorized personnel, to potential hackers worldwide.

Hillary is a steamy pile of always-fresh dog crap on the kitchen floor, trying to convince everyone that she is fresh, piping hot chocolate fudge on porcelain china.

“Because of all the stuff surrounding her, she more than others needs a couple months to knock the dust off and to get real again,” Democratic National Committee vice chairman R.T. Rybak said in an interview.

Re-branding the truth, in the advanced age of the Internet, is something which Grandma Gulch cannot deal with.  The Truth and the Whole Truth is an unknown, foreign issue to her, which only forces her to re-invent herself, to re-tell old lies in a different way, to further de-legitimatize both herself and the whole Democratic party, in her unrealistic, headlong plunge into American history, as the least liked candidate for President, EVER.

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