Monday, September 7, 2015


Thank Goodness, this year's Choctaw festival is finally over. I'm getting too old for this mischief.
Leticia & I agreed last Friday night, next year we're going away on the Labor Day weekend:
So many fights, so much talk (that I heard) at Tushka Homma this year centered around "financial collapse", "prepping for a revolution/race war", "the right guns and where to get ammo", I just walked away from it finally, to go find me another smoked turkey leg.

This year's concerts by Reba McEntire and hometown boy, Neal McCoy, Saturday night, were so much fun-- Reba having us all sing together "Fancy", of course, considering she's from over just east of Atoka, and also "Goin' Out Like That" at the tops of our lungs~!

If God's Judgement comes, as He promised, then let it come.

Meanwhile, here are some hints to the coming disasters I can nearly guarantee will happen:

Are we ready to face this certainteed, coming disaster?  Are you?

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