Saturday, September 26, 2015

Some of My Favorite YouTube Videos

I need both to publish this now, and to bury it so it isn't very accessible

My favourite YouTube videos, previously published here.  This list may grow, it may shrink (in fact it's already shrunk). Thank you very much for your indulgences, but I had to get these documented.

MY POSTED FAVORITE VIDEOS (in no particular order):

No. 1    By far, my Super, all-time favorite and Hillary Clitnon's Presidential Theme song, "Mickey Xylophone" (I once thought this was Awful -- Now I'm Addicted to it)

No. 2  Although very many people won't or cannot identify with this jingle, to St. Louis Cardinal baseball fans, this is Our Nashunul Antthum:

~ I wept, snotted alot, listening to Ernie Hayes there, just now~
(for equality sake, another beer commercial) Now this, the very BEST Christmas commercial video, EVAHH~!

I have published literally tons of Scott Joplin's ragime here, but here are my 2 favourites:
1)  "Solace", which my husband composed for me:

(again weeping, snotting uncontrollably)

AND BY FAR, MY FAV. JOPLIN RAG, "The Pine-Apple Rag"

OK, Ok, Okay, add in "The Magnetic Rag", again played by the extraordinary Cory Hall:

All Scott Joplin at my funeral, be assured

"Love Lifted Me" Sublime, Holy, Pristine via Alan Jackson:

Others which have Played a Piv0tal place here on my bloggie:

"Blackbird", by Paul McCartney, The Beatles, ... my wife's Favourite, and therefore mine

Behold the bold simplicity of "I wanna hold your hand":

Finally, thank you Lord, the most-est played Music Video, probably my favourite video, that constant theme in my head, is none other than the themesong for Inspector Clouseau, of "Pink Panther" fame~  
Because who among us, has not ever had a similar Clouseau Moment in our lives, or more?
Then Behold, Your (MY) Life:

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