Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The "Know It All"

In the past eight years,, I've run across people & friends who have told me, have told us, Leticia and me, that they have also been to a vacation destination  which we've  been to, and told us that somehow their vacations were just like ours, only better there.

I work with an annoying, Oklahoma Tax Commission  auditor (a 100% Anglo-american guy....)  who routinely puts down everybody else in our Indian Gaming section of the Tax Comm.... Whatever you've done, he and his party have done that already, & one better~,

therefore he is the virtual font of correct info on any given foreign vacation destination.

IF you suggest a random place (whether or not you've/he's
 been there),  he is the penultimate source for TOTAL information about that location.

Iceland?  Got it.  Baffin Island, Yeah.

South Africa?  Beeen there.  Saudi Arabia?  Ditto.

Israel?  He's "Fought" the Palestinians there.  But the worst parts of his monologues are his self-certain, delusional confidences he shares, that he is the authority on that precise location.

"I've Been Everywhere, Man" was a song written about him, because he claims that he is so very acutely and  intimately aware of every square inch of Earth's surface.

Right--, Huh, Keith??~!?

Sorry, you lying bag of crap that you are~ Fellow Ok.Tx. Comm. employee or not~!

For I don't believe that you've ever been to Lisbon, Portugal or to Rome, Italy, to Key West, Florida or to Nova Scotia, Canada, like my wife and I have.  

OPINING ON that which you are completely ignorant.
You will never come to our house again.

Hey Keith, have you ever been invited back, to any of your various destinations??
Didn't Think So....~

I'd love to compare Passports with you~  Have you ever been off this continent, really?

The facts/notations which you cite as 'personal observations' of the millions of "places you've visited", coincides well with simple Wikipedia synopsises~.

I will no longer try to expand conversations wherewith you are engaged, Keith, you overbearing LIAR.

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