Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Question for You Genius Democrat Politicians:

Which I understand You won't dare answer, because it would expose your Social Security fraud-pyramid-scheme~

Why continue to withhold FICA taxes from us employed workers (every estimation predicts that Social Security will be bankrupt in 18 years (2033), and Medicare,
the same result in only 7 more years (in 2022)) ~!

Why continue to withhold FICA taxes from us employed workers, given the above, when it is obviously better to
get on Welfare, Section 8 housing and Food stamps, which in turn, yields 40+% better results?

WHY SHOULD ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS receive such generosity without ever paying into income taxes and FICA, like my wife and I have for all these years?

I took a look at our potential 2015 income taxes two nights ago, finally figuring it out:  We two individuals will owe the Federal government over $19,000 in taxes next year.  

To expect what in return?
Gratitude? Some level of comfortable retirement as promised by the Social Security MisAdministation??  A safety net for unforeseen health emergencies covered by Medicare???

None Of The Above.
For all of us who choose to work for a living, the U.S. government has lied to/betrayed us about FDR's grand socialism plan, Social Insecurity.

But, we feel both blessed that we have great jobs-
(thanks to our unique belief that we are in charge of our own lives, & not some gov't.)

and instead should feel gratified knowing that we two feed, clothe, house, & medicate some poor, 
unfortunate lazy slob familia de cinco (5) personas en California, huh??

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