Thursday, October 1, 2015

Finally A Couple Days to Exhale For Cardinal Fans

Wow, what a long, strange season it's been.
Note below, that St. Louis has 100 wins...

but because the Pittsburgh Pirates and even the Chicago Cubs (both teams are in the same division as the Cardinals) were themselves so good, that it took the Cardinals winning 100 games
to clinch the division.

In a more normal season, winning 100 games would put that team 10-12 games ahead of their nearest competition;
not this year, though.

It took until September 30, & 100 wins, a winning percentage of .629 to ward off the surging Pirates (96 wins) and Cubs (93 wins).

Those three National League central teams lead all the other playoff teams by from 1 to 10 games~!

And I predict that those Cubs will defeat the Pirates,
in their 1-game, Wild Card playoff next week--
and that will for the very first time ever, 
make the old Cardinals and Cubs rivalry even more sweet~!

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