Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Here Come the Cubs

Trim that ivy once again, for there will be October baseball
at the friendly confines of Wrigley Field Chicago.

Watch out baseball fans, and especially us St. Louis Cardinal fans, these Chicago Cubs are Grizzly Bear Cubs.

Tonight, behind probable Cy Young award winning pitcher Jake Arrieta, the Cubs blanked the Pittsburgh Pirates (98-65) 4-0 to move on in the National League postseason.

For the Pirates, their season ended cruelly, just as it has too often since 2011-- getting to the wild card position, only to see their terrific season come to a quick end, facing monster pitcher Arrieta. 

The fans of this franchise must be wondering what it really takes, since 98 wins in a super season doesn't seem to qualify.

Rather, it is the Chicago Cubs to face the winning-est team in the majors this year, the Cardinals in St. Louis on Friday night.  Arrieta won't pitch that night, but he just may on Saturday or Sunday (game 2).

As I noted here last week, this will be the very first time that the two bitter rivals, Chicago and St. Louis will face each other in post-season play.  New ground for these two teams:  One, a veteran crew regularly in the post season, the other, the newbies, but with a new attitude, an attitude which has never heard of the dreaded curse(s) placed on the Cubbies over the decades.

Chicago last played in the National League playoff series in 2008, After a 97-win season earned them the best record in the National League and a ticket to the playoffs to face the Los Angeles Dodgers. Despite the team’s best effort to exorcise its postseason demons by commissioning a priest to sprinkle holy water in the dugout, the Cubs couldn’t shake their postseason curse. The Dodgers swept the Cubs, who failed to gain a lead through the remainder of the series.
In 2007, the hapless Cubs were also swept by the Arizona Diamondbacks in the Divisional Series.

And in 2003
 against the Florida Marlins- the series which unfortunately, destroyed the destiny of Cubbies fan,

Steve Bartman, as well.

Let's all hope and pray that the 2015 Cubs still have 
their jinx this year as well.

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