Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Let Me Explain This Again:

These infrequent inquiries come in great waves, about every 18 months or so... Weird, huh?
In the past week, I've had no fewer than 7 (seven) comments/emails asking me "Why the heck do you call yourself a 'Local Malcontent'?"  I even had one fellow conservative blogger urge me not to call myself a Malcontent.  Yet in these days of overbearing Left-wing politicians and RINOs,
being a 'malcontent' is the proper adjective for us really~

There's been a battle of sorts on that front too, believe me. Right, Mr. Levin?

The full answer is easy to find right here on your monitor screen:  In the margin, "About Your Local Malcontent" item, where you can click the image (Clickle my Nickle) for the full story.
Upon clicking my icon, takes you here:  Housekeeping from 8 years ago~!  Take a peek at who we are there too.

But briefly, here in the Choctaw Nation, nearly everyone is a Democrat.  This area of southeast Oklahoma has long been known as "Little Dixie", thanks in part to former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Carl Albert, D,  of McAlester.

I was denounced by a chronic complainer in a series of back and forth newspaper letters-to-the-editor, years ago, as "a known, local malcontent", because I was perceived as an Indian, but one who was/is a conservative, something so foreign around here, as to be an anomaly in this area.

And considering the source, I have never been more honored to be called the local malcontent~!

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