Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The President Ronald Reagan
World Series

1986 versus 1985
Kansas City Royals vs. New York Mets 2015

Thirty years ago, President Reagan was in the Oval office, the world was essentially at peace, there was no such thing as Islamic world-wide terrorism, and here in America, the biggest thing on people's minds was the baseball World Series.

"Well, yes, mistakes were made........"  
But then, umpire Don Denkinger made a name for himself with his horrible call of 'Safe', during Game 6 of the I-70 World Series between St. Louis and Kansas City:

I still hold a grudge, can you tell?

So, let me instead tell you about the New York Mets.  
They last won a World Series match against the Boston Red Sox in 1986...  On a very memorable error by Red Sox 1B man Billy Buckner.

So therefore this is the year of the "Also-Rans World Series", because both teams involved this year, only won their last World Series due to very strange occurrences at First Base.

I'm pulling for the New York Mets. 
After all, they skunked the high and mighty Cubbies,
And the Amazin' Mets were the World Series Champs the year that I was born (1969).

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