Sunday, October 25, 2015

Verily, Verily~
A Proclamation From 'Above'

The proclamation goes on to say:  "Neither graven image, nor reproduced image of the Beast Hillary Clinton Shall Be displayed, Be projected, or Be shared among the Villagers, 

As doing so in the past, has proven to frighten young children, provoke fights 

and murders among older, stable, civilized men and women, 
and drive domesticated animals mad."

"Mention of the forbidden name, or display of the forbidden face, likeness, visage, similitude, or even the slightest reference thereto shall entail and receive a cruel punishment, 

verily~, verily~.

{The Signet Ring Seal}

Your Guiding Light in 
Times of Confusion,
The Local Malcontent

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