Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Give Thanks~! We All Are So Blessed

We want to wish all of you a very 
happy and blessed Thanksgiving tomorrow~!

In your Thanks-giving, I urge you to remember to pray for our miserable leader, that he may come to his senses as soon as possible, and reverse some of his awful decisions, and also decide to take decisive action against Muslim aggression throughout the world, and the possible threat here at home.

Here in Yanush, we'll observe Thanksgiving with Leti's sister and her boyfriend, her father Kenneth will arrive later tonight for the weekend, plus the assorted, unexpected friends and neighbors dropping by.

Leticia is going to fry a turkey, weather permitting, early tomorrow morning; her celery/sage dressing is already made, and I've tasted/attacked it, Incredible!

I'm preparing my world-famous Choctaw sausage and wild rice casserole (the best thing I've ever put into my mouth!), hot green bean/red pepper casserole, cranberry sauce, deer chili (Ken's contribution), candied sweet potatoes, dinner rolls, pecan pie, cherry pie, chocolate cake, ice cream, plenty of real butter, milk, tea, coffee.
Then later, adult beverages for all, 
once Dallas loses to the Carolina Panthers.

What else are we thankful for?
That's a very long list, especially this year:  
I'm/We're thankful that we are pregnant;
We're thankful to live in Oklahoma, within the Choctaw Nation, under the guidance of Chief Gary Batton and Governor Mary Fallin~
We're thankful and praying for success for Senator Ted Cruz, for Donald Trump, for Gov. Mike Huckabee, our personal favorites in next year's Presidential elections.

And Thank You, Heavenly Father, for all the rain this year, for blessing us with so much abundance of rain.  Our garden's crops were so plentiful this year, we have canned Okra, canned tomatoes, canned green beans, and canned peppers to last until 2026.

And when tomorrow's torrential rains begin, we will look for Your promise, Your rainbow, which for one thing says, 
that the rainstorms are over, finally.

We're Thankful for our good health:  We're pregnant, and we're healthy, and we're cancer-free--

Thank You, Most Holy Creator/Father, for all of Your Blessings upon us~!

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