Sunday, November 29, 2015


In my opinion, there is no better place to live than Oklahoma-  Tornado season notwithstanding.  Shoot, even a deadly tornado brings out the best of us and our compassion and love, our boldness and our determination to help in crisis.

The warm, friendly, country feeling about the entire place, from corner to corner and North to South, the people are mostly, mostly great folks, who all get along so well:  Indians of different tribes, White folks, Black folks, we put aside what differences there may be outwardly, or even politically when it comes right down to it: 
Pride in our state.

There Can Be ONLY ONE OKLAHOMA, and this is it, 
just a stones-throw from Nirvana.

But enough talk about our great state...  Let's talk OU Football, and the spanking the Sooners put on the Oklahoma State Cowboys last night in Still(FROZEN)water.

58-23, but even that blow-out score does not tell how much of a true wipe out-farce of a game it was.  Congratulations however, to those Cowboys for their 10-2 season, and best wishes to them in their own Bowl game on January 1.

Now, OU is preparing to challenge for another National Championship (#8), this time under the rules of the college football playoff system.  As things stand today, the Sooners would play the Alabama Crimson Tide in the first round, in Dallas, and winning that contest, would face the winner of the Clemson Tigers/Iowa Buckeyes in a Championship game to be held on MY BIRTHDAY, 2016.  

Yep, on January 11.
Can you say "kismet"?  Why sure, you can~!

Here below is the awesome pre-game show of "The Pride of Oklahoma" Band, from last weekends' game against TCU, in Norman.  What sets OU, and The Pride Band, and indeed Oklahoma itself, apart from other schools, is that for one thing, the band honors the other team during the pregame by also playing their fight song. 
--That, along with the National Anthem honoring America,
Our state song, "OKLAHOMA~!"
the University chant, 
there is the very obligatory "Boomer Sooner" as the Pride marches off the field in the inter-locking OU formation.
I see that now, each band member wears a banner across their chests with their own name on it. That's new, Talk about "Pride"~!

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