Saturday, November 14, 2015

La Marseillaise - Edith Piaf

We here are grieving at the awful loss of innocent life in Paris, France yesterday; boy if
this doesn't finally put the danger of unfettered illegal immigration -- both in Europe and in the United States-- into very clear focus, then maybe we deserve what is about to happen on our shores someday.

Up at the top in my margin, I have a short saying entitled, "LIVE IN SUCH A WAY".
(That those who know you, But don't know God Will come to know God Because they know you.)

A similar saying could be attributed to the Islamic terrorist animals:
"Live in such a way, that those who know you, but don't know Satan, will come to recognize Satan, because they know you."

Finally, a note to Fearless leader Zerobama:  If there is an international gathering in Paris to grieve and to show solidarity with the French people this time around,

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