Tuesday, November 10, 2015


My God, I am so blessed~ I feel like the patriarch Abraham who was denied fatherhood until he was 90 years old....  
Maybe when I am 90, I can claim to have just two children~!

For the past 5 weeks, I've just not been interested in posting my feelings about politics, or anything more than just copying/pasting random things like baseball, astronomy or alligators, because for the first time in my life, I am about to become a real father.  This is a new and unexpected emotion for me, since I've been told since I was 8 years old, that my reproductive processes did not exist, then despite marriage to my bestfriend, Leticia, and the joy of being paired with her, then being diagnosed with stage-4 prostate cancer at age 43- just three years ago-- then going through radiation therapy on "those parts", 
today, I am an expectant Daddy
and I. don't. know. how. to. react.  

My entire thoughts and Focus have been re-aligned away from politics, American injustices, and baseball whatnot.

- Whatnot-- much of this "Blowcal Malcontent" bloggie could be called "Whatnot".  because of the topics I opined upon, which now, don't really matter in the long run.  

What matters now, more than anything to me, IS
that I'm about to become a Father
Leticia and I adopted a young Choctaw boy, five years ago, "Dillon",
a long time friend of mine, but he turned out to betray us, our love, & our home~  betraying me especially, to go and become just another lowlife, dependent, government-sucker in Texas.

I was/am still so broken, so devastated by his choice, his betrayal; we both were/are~~~

But God Provides, God Enables found me wanting,
found me child-less,
and Moved:
We are now 2-months-along pregnant,
My, Our unlikely, once in a lifetime chance.

So I foresee a change in this bloggie:
A change I never before dreamed of...  

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Col. B. Bunny said...

That is fantastic. You are indeed blesed.