Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Happy Ending For Alan Barnes

Last April 2, 2015 I posted on the tragic story of an elderly, disabled, British pensioner, Alan Barnes.  

Today, I read in the London Daily Mail online that Mr. Barnes has purchased a new home where he will be safe from muggers, seeking only 'quality orange juice and double glazing'.

Disabled mugging victim Alan Barnes has finally settled into his new home after a 'rollercoaster' year which saw him catapulted to fame.

The pensioner, who received £300,000 in donations from kind-hearted members of the public after being attacked, says he is looking forward to spending 2016 in his new house in Gateshead.

But he has vowed not to waste the money he was given - saying that his only indulgences are double glazing, chocolate and 'good quality orange juice'.

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