Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Her "H" Logo Stands For "Hatred"

Democratic-Socialist presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has recently thrown under Her bus, the imminent Rosa Parks, the poster-woman of racial discrimination by former Democratic leaders, of whom Hillary herself is the poster-woman.

Using her recognizable, block-letter "H" campaign logo as a format, the Hillary Clitnon campaign has inadvertently insulted Black voters.... Or was it a deliberate effort of disrespect, in light of other, recent, more disrespectful insults from her campaign toward women voters?

Here is her campaign's official recognition of Rosa Parks' defiance against segregation:

Showing Ms. Parks seated on the last seat of the "H" symbol, the Hillary symbol, rather than ,,  ,, anywhere else.
"I ain't noways tired" of berating Hillary Clitnon, the self-serving bitch of the Democratic Party.

If this woman is elected by the American public next November, that will signal the very end of freedom, and the beginning of world-wide oppression of Communists, Islamists, and Socialists.  

There will be no where left to hide, maybe on Mars~

Old Granny Hillary for President~  

Hillary's Campaign Theme song~

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