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My "Conservative" Congressman,
And His 60% CR Voting Record

Meet and then say 'So long' to Markwayne Mullin,
the soon-to-be short lived 2nd District Congressman for Oklahoma.

A Disaster.  and A Liar.  and A Noob- NeoCon.

I wasted my valuable time in 2012 promoting this guy around Latimer, Le Flore and Pushmataha counties, Ok~
now that I see that Markwayne Mullin 
has voted "Aye" for the 1.1 Trillion dollar Omnibus funding bill for 2016.
**Funding for Abortions.
**Funding for Illegal aliens. 
**Funding for so-called Sanctuary cities,
such as San Francisco, New York, San Antonio, Chicago, Detroit, even Tulsa, Ok.

He won't have my support next year; in fact, I'm thinking about running against him in the 2nd D primary.
I can achieve at least an 88% Conservative Review voting record in Congress~.

From Conservative Review:

Markwayne Mullin was elected to the seat formerly held by Democratic Rep. Dan Boren in 2012, representing Oklahoma’s 2nd congressional district, East Muskogee. An Oklahoma native, Mullin began his professional life as a plumber. After surviving several years of financial troubles with his businesses, (Mullin for Congress) Mullin Plumbing became one of the largest service companies in the region. His experience as a small business owner convinced Mullin to become a champion for small business owners in Oklahoma and across the country.

Mullin’s first-hand experience with the EPA’s onerous regulations and his expressed frustration with the amount of red tape across the federal government is what propelled him, in part, to run for office. Even after he stepped into office, targeting the EPA has been a consistent priority. Mullin has spoken (YouTube) at length ( about the need for less government interference with small businesses and was invited to host a local radio show, “House Talk,” a program he still occasionally hosts.

While Mullin’s rhetoric advocating for small business issues and reining in the federal government has been consistently conservative, his record often has not reflected this. For example, his plumbing companies received contracts paid for by federal stimulus money because of the stimulus. (Cherokee Phoenix) And while he champions limited government and has a flawless record on social issues, Mullin has voted in favor of every major farm bill and agriculture subsidy since stepping into office, supported reauthorizing the tourism slush fund Brand USA, voted against eliminating a $3.1 billion in federal subsidies for energy programs, voted against repealing dairy and sugar subsidies, among other poor votes.

Along with senior Oklahoma Congressman Tom Cole, Markwayne Mullin is the only other member of Congress who is a member of the Cherokee Nation. Mullin often lends his support to Cherokee programs and has stated his commitment to upholding the image of the Cherokee Nation. (Native News Online)

Mullin currently serves on the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and the Natural Resources Committee.

Mullin currently resides in Westville, Oklahoma with his wife and their five children.


Budget, Spending & Debt

Despite claiming to support a limited and responsible government (Tulsa World), Mullin likes to bring federal dollars back to his district. Mullin supports federal involvement in areas where it has no business. He wants the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide loans or loan guarantees to state and local governments and certain nongovernmental entities to complete water infrastructure projects. (Tulsa Report)

Mullin seems to indicate that more federal dollars will make Oklahoma more attractive to outsiders: “Throughout this process, our office and the Port of Catoosa have been very involved in making sure that Oklahoma isn’t overlooked, that Oklahoma just isn’t a fly-over state.” (Tulsa Report)

Mullin supported a bloated farm bill saying while the bill isn’t perfect, “farmers can depend on [it] for the next few years”. ( When defending his support for the farm bill, Mullin tried to make the issue sound like some folksy disagreement between friends. He said, “It's a difference between those who are wearing dress shoes and those who are wearing boots … I'm wearing boots.” This of course is far from the truth. The entire Republican delegation from Oklahoma hardly voted as a block on this farm bill. In 2014, the Republican delegation was split 3-2 in favor of the bill. (KXII Radio)

Mullin believes that due to Obama’s failure to lead on foreign policy, the defense budget must be increased. “Because of the lack of leadership we're having in foreign policy, we've made some changes in the budget that will start propping money back into defense.” (Miami News-Record)
Mullins voted, along with the rest of the GOP Oklahoma delegation, in support of the National Defense Authorization Act for FY2016, a bill that authorizes over $611 billion for military spending in 2016. (Tulsa World)

Civil Liberties

In 2013, despite taking heat from tribal groups across the country, Mullin cast a strong vote against reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

Mullin was the only Republican on the Natural Resources Committee to vote against a bill assigning federal land in Arizona to mining companies, because he believed the mining companies would “infringe on sacred tribal land.” (Congressional Quarterly)

Energy & Environment

Mullin has been vocal about his frustration with the EPA. (OK Energy Today) His interviews and public statements on this issue have been excellent. Whether he is calling the EPA out for trying to regulate waterways, (Tulsa Today) close down coal-fired plants or quoting Thomas Jefferson (OK Energy Today) he speaks for conservatives everywhere that are pushing back against the EPA’s power grab. (The Okie Blaze)

Despite his discontent with the EPA’s onerous regulations, Mullin has no problem allowing the EPA to provide loans to the state, local governments, and certain nongovernmental entities to complete infrastructure projects. (Tulsa Port)

Free Market

Mullin champions himself as an ally of small businesses owners across his district and state. ( However, he supports the crony Export-Import Bank, the poster child of corporate welfare. (Tulsa World) Mullins believes that the Bank “actually works.” (Tulsa World) He went on to say that most of the businesses in Oklahoma that benefit from the Bank are small businesses despite crony tactics used by the charter of “mislabeling” hundreds of big businesses a “small business.” (US News) He even went so far as to say that the “Ex-Im bank fills in a niche the private sector cannot”. (Tulsa World)

Health Care & Entitlements

Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) sent a letter to John Boehner and then-Leader Cantor encouraging them to defund Obamacare. (Times Free Press) Before submitting the letter to Republican Leadership, Meadows first wanted to get the support of his colleagues. In total, 79 of his house colleagues signed that letter to Leadership. Mullin was one of the members who refused to sign his name to the letter. (High Country Press)

Speaking at a town hall meeting in May 2015, Mullin said that Obamacare is too far entrenched in society that repealing it is no longer an option. "The ACA is so far down the road now you can't just repeal it … you have to replace it." (Miami News-Record)

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