Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Probably A Good Idea, Considering the Source:

Washington, D.C.- (APO)  The Obama administration today announced the creation of a brand new, Cabinet level office to be called The Office of Federally Unexpected Consequences.

This 29,000 person staffed, national office will become the official voice from hereon, when the current Administration needs to come out to say, "We never saw that coming",  senior Obama advisor Valerie Jarrett commented, on Saturday.

"From this official office, our appointed fundraiser headed Secretary will be able to assure all government-dependant Americans, that the Administration never foresaw the event in question, at the moment, ever happening.  In other words, we stand firmly behind the OFUC statements which will imply that, 'we never saw that coming our way, so we're innocent'."

The reach of the OFUC will not be limited to current, timely issues, Ms. Jarrett emphatically implied:  "With the clear vision of history, this office will now be able to fully structure our administration's response properly to any event, whenever said event happened, to justify our response, or lack thereof.  Because by definition, the event was/is/will be 'unexpected'.

To demonstrate the value of the OFUC, Jarrett announced that it's founder was the late Robert Kennedy, Attorney General of the United States, who could've said in 1970, "the murders at Kent State University are appaling, and unexpected," had Mr. Kennedy not been unexpectedly murdered himself, two years earlier.

Mr Obama has nominated his long-time fundraiser friend, Al Sharpton as the Secretary of OFUC.
The always effusive Sharpton, reportedly responded to his new title, "Nobody ever saw that coming, did they?"

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